For a one-time purchase, a MyDogBox costs 35 Euro and means that you have purchased a single box. There is no subscription and your card details are not saved.

A subscription runs month by month, or every other month, and is renewed automatically but can be cancelled without any cancellation period. Cancel before the 15th of the month to cancel the next box. The box is sent out on the 2nd of each month. Cancellation is done by logging in to your account, which is created when you start the subscription, click on ‘My account’ in the left corner, click on your subscription and then ‘Cancel subscription’ or send us an email at All prices include VAT.

When you start a subscription, the debit card you specify at the time of purchase will be charged directly upon purchase for the first MyDogBox delivery and then on the 1st of each month until you choose to cancel the subscription.

Application and Consumer Protection
These General Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) apply to the purchase agreement that you as a consumer conclude with DogBox Org number 559009-8694, hereinafter referred to as “MyDogBox”. To safeguard your interests as a customer, the provisions of the Consumer Purchase Act (SFS 1990: 932), the Distance and Home Sales Act (SFS 2005: 59) and the Personal Data Act (SFS 1998: 204) are applied to all purchases on

Rates and Fees
The prices quoted on are quoted including value added tax (VAT). MyDogBox supports payment via card payment through Stripe.

Establishment of purchase agreements
MyDogBox products are ordered on or through our customer service. A purchase agreement is established when your order has been confirmed by MyDogBox via email to the email address you specified when ordering. By ordering you accept these Terms. MyDogBox does not enter into agreements with minors (under the age of 18) without the consent of the guardian.

Delivery times
After the subscription, a Product will be delivered according to the subscription model chosen. Depending on when, during a calendar month, your Subscription Application has been received, the first Product will be delivered during the same calendar month or the next. Purchases before the 15th of each month will have their first MyDogBox shipped the same month. Your monthly subscription means that you will receive a MyDogBox shipped from our warehouse no later than the 15th of each calendar month.

MyDogBox uses the following shipping options:
MTD mail parcels, which can be delivered in a mailbox by newspaper messengers.
Schenker agent, the goods are sent to the nearest drop-off point. When the package is available for pick-up, a sms or e-mail with information about the serial number is sent to the mobile phone number specified when ordering. A valid ID document must be presented when picking up a shipment.
MyDogBox’s normal delivery time is 1 – 4 business days after MyDogBox has confirmed your order via email.
When your order is shipped from our warehouse, an email is sent to the specified email address. The package should reach you within 4 working days. If you have not received your delivery within 4 working days, we kindly ask you to contact our dog service.
The subscription boxes are sent on the 2nd of each month with delivery time of 1-3 working days

Unclaimed Parcels / Shipments
Packages that have not been collected within fourteen (14) days will be returned to MyDogBox. If this happens, you will be charged a fee of SEK 299 (SEK) for costs related to MyDogBox administration, shipping, return shipping and handling. Unclaimed packages are not covered by the right of withdrawal.

If an item differs from what follows from the agreement between you and MyDogBox or otherwise does not match the description of the item that MyDogBox has provided, the item may be returned. Only original errors are covered by the right of complaint, for example the right of complaint does not cover errors caused by normal wear and tear. Complaints to MyDogBox should be made within a reasonable time after the fault is discovered. MyDogBox reserves the right, first and foremost, to rectify the defect, in the second place, deliver new goods and, ultimately, repurchases. For complaints, contact customer service. MyDogBox has no possibility of retroactively reimbursing the cost of return shipping.
You as a consumer have a 3-year warranty. The consumer shall be reimbursed for any shipping costs and other costs incurred in connection with the complaint, such as gasoline costs, parking costs, telephone costs and the like.

You have the right to examine the goods
To know if you want an item you must be able to examine it. But if you are able to return the item, it must be in unchanged condition. You may not use or handle an item in a manner that is not necessary. If you do, the seller may claim compensation for the depreciation of the goods. Provided that the seller has informed that any value reduction will be compensated.

When returning you are at risk of the goods, so it is important that the goods cannot be damaged during transport. Everything should be returned in undamaged original packaging, all labels should remain and be shipped.
After received and approved a return, refunds will be made within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the return by MyDogBox.
Repayment is made only by repayment to debit cards used at purchase or deposit into bank account, not cash. Costs for services related to delivery such as express parcels and postage charges are not refundable upon return.
To enable a possible return you need to be able to prove your purchase and MyDogBox recommends that you save order confirmation and payment reference as a receipt for your purchase.
For information or assistance on return contact MyDogBox customer service.
Use the withdrawal form on the Consumer Agency’s website.

Return of promotional items
For purchases that qualify for a gift or extra discount, the value of the gift or extra discount is considered as a general discount on the entire amount at the time of purchase. If any part of the purchase is exchanged and / or returned, returned goods are valued at the purchase price less their relative share of the general discount. When replacing, no original conversion or gift basis is recalculated.
Promotion or promotion of such gift or extra discount is only available for new purchases through the merchant site and cannot be obtained retroactively. Gift or discount cannot be transferred to another purchase and cannot be credited when changing to another item.

Transport damage
MyDogBox is responsible for goods that are damaged or lost during delivery to you. Complaints of transport damage must be made within a reasonable time. Therefore, upon receipt of the shipment, it is important to check that the goods are not damaged. MyDogBox recommends that you report any damage directly on site to the dispatch agent and then contact MyDogBox customer service. Remember to keep all packaging and product packaging in case of a damage.

Force majeure
In the event of circumstances beyond MyDogBox’s reasonable control, for example, in the event of amended legislation, governmental action, strike, blockade, sabotage, war, terrorism, fire, flood, natural disaster or similar events, MyDogBox’s obligation to fulfill the contract shall be fulfilled in accordance with the purchase agreement. . If such delay exceeds 2 months, both you and MyDogBox have the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect without any obligation to pay damages.

Personal data
MyDogBox is responsible for ensuring that the personal data provided in connection with purchases is handled in accordance with the Personal Data Act. By approving the purchase agreement with MyDogBox, you consent to your data being saved, to be able to process your order and execute the purchase, facilitate future purchases, enable updating of your order status and for sending offers from MyDogBox, or MyDogBox partners, via sms, e -mail or other direct mail. As a customer, you can view the saved data, change it or request deletion. You can also withdraw your consent to receive offers at any time.

Price and Product Information
In the event of any errors in stock status or price, MyDogBox reserves the right to cancel a purchase agreement. If the item has expired or is otherwise unavailable, MyDogBox is not required to provide the item but may suggest an alternative item. All image information should be considered as illustrations and cannot be guaranteed to reproduce the exact appearance and condition of the product.

By submitting reviews on products on or on one of MyDogBox’s social media channels, you also give MyDogBox the right to publish them on as well as in other channels and media. MyDogBox reserves the right not to publish and / or remove submitted reviews.

We comply with the General Complaints Board’s recommendations and Swedish law in the event of a dispute.
For questions regarding the meaning of these Terms or Procedures in the case of right of withdrawal, complaints, transport damage or other, contact MyDogBox Customer Service at

Application and binding unit
You may only apply for a Subscription if you are at least 18 years old.
Once you have applied for Subscription through the Website, we confirm receipt by sending a message to the email address you provided. However, the agreement between you and us is only concluded when we confirm in a new email that a Product has or will be sent to you.
The Subscription Agreement means that once a calendar month, you will receive a Product to the address specified by you.
We reserve the right to refrain from entering into an agreement with you without giving any reason.

Through the Subscription, you undertake to pay the periodic fee up to the end of the Subscription.
If the Subscription does not end within the agreed time (before the 15th of each month to stop the next MyDogBox order), it will be extended.
Payment must be made by credit or debit card (Visa or Mastercard).

Termination and automatic renewal
Both you and we may at any time, without giving any reason, cancel your subscription to expire at the end of the applicable subscription period.
You cancel your Subscription through your account on the Website or by contacting us. We cancel the Subscription by sending a cancellation to the e-mail address you provided. We have one month’s notice of continuous subscription. Your subscription must be canceled no later than the 15th of the month before your next box if you do not want the next monthly box. Cancellation is done by logging into your account, clicking on ‘My pages’, clicking on your subscription and then ‘Canceling subscription’.
If the Subscription has not been canceled before the 15th, the Subscription will automatically be extended one month at a time to the then-current regular price for the current Subscription (excluding any discounts).

Return Policy
If you are a consumer, you are legally entitled to withdraw within 14 days (“the withdrawal period”) from the day you receive a Product. However, the withdrawal period must always include at least seven working days.
You may exercise your right of withdrawal only if the Product is kept in substantially unchanged condition. However, this does not apply if the Product has been destroyed or altered due to any action that has been necessary to investigate it or due to any circumstance that cannot be attributed to you.
You exercise your right of withdrawal by contacting us within the cancellation period and at your own expense return the Product to us. You can contact us through your account on the Website or by sending a message to
If you exercise your right of withdrawal, we will refund what you have paid for the Product in accordance with our refund policy (see Refund Policy).

Refund Policy
If you return a Product to us for exercising your right of withdrawal, we will refund within 14 days of receipt of the notice. We will then repay the price for the Product as well as any shipping costs. However, you may bear the cost of returning the Product to us yourself.
If you return a Product to us for any other reason (for example, if you believe the Product is broken or not in a correct state), we will investigate the returned Product and notify you of your refund by email within a reasonable time. We will then repay the price for the Product.
We usually pay back money to you using the same method you used to pay us.

If you are a consumer, our responsibility for the Products in the Consumer Purchase Act (1990: 932) is regulated. Otherwise, we are only liable for breach of these terms and only for a total amount corresponding to your annual fee for the Subscription, unless there is gross negligence or intent. The restrictions do not apply to the extent that they would violate your rights under mandatory constitution. We do not take responsibility for damages caused by the contents of the boxes. We urge you to always monitor your dogs when using the contents of the boxes.

Grounds for Relief
If the fulfillment of our obligations is substantially hampered or prevented due to circumstances beyond our control, such as, for example, labor conflict, fire, lightning, terrorist attack, altered constitution, government intervention, and failure or delay in subcontractor services due to the circumstances stated here; this shall constitute grounds for exemption which entail the advance of the time of the performance and the relief from damages and other penalties. However, this should not limit your rights under the Consumer Purchase Act or other mandatory statute.

Additions and changes

We have the right, from time to time, to make additions and changes to these terms. You are bound by the terms that applied at the time you applied for the Subscription, unless we notify you of any changes to the extension and you do not within 60 days of the date such notice was sent, notify us that you do not accept such modified terms (whereby Subscription should expire immediately).

Transfer of rights and obligations

You may not assign your rights or obligations under the Subscription without our prior written consent. However, we may assign our rights or obligations under the Subscription at any time during the subscription period.

Applicable law and dispute

These Terms and the Subscription shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with Swedish law. Disputes arising from these Terms or the Subscription shall be settled by the General Court.