About MyDogBox

MyDogBox is an exciting subscription box for dogs. Our goal is to make dogs happy! We strive to surprise both you and your dog with our monthly box where we mix dog toys, dog treats, dog food and lots of other dog accessories. Our goal is for you to always get something tasty, something fun and something practical for the season in each box. We always try to find a unique range of dog accessories that make both the doggie and the owner happy. Primarily these come from Nordic suppliers to maintain the highest quality possible and to minimize long shipments. We always strive for the content of a MyDogbox to be of the highest quality possible and all products are tested by our own dogs.

Each MyDogBox contains of 5 to 6 super cool dog accessories – everything from dog toys and innovative gadgets to natural treats, bones, hygiene products and carefully selected dog snacks. Each product is unique from everything we will ever ship in a future MyDogBox.

We spend a lot of work, research and time creating each MyDogBox. From choosing only high quality suppliers that use the best ingredients in their products, to observing our own dogs when testing toys and treats. We are really proud of our boxes because we know that every product is something we have seen our dogs enjoy. And that is our goal, to make dogs happy and healthy.

On the first page you can choose the size of your dog and the subscription form. You can choose between a monthly subscription or a one-time purchase, called a singel box. Create your account and enter your delivery address, phone number, email and some information about your dog. Then you’re done! We use direct payment through Stripe via card (Visa & MasterCard) so check-out is very smooth and secure. If you have tried MyDogBox before, a tip is to choose a longer subscription length, then the price per box will be lower. Your subscription will run during the time you choose and will be renewed the last month.

We ship all the MyDogBoxes on the 2nd every month. If you register before the 15th of each month, you will receive your MyDogBox the same month! If you register after the 15th, you will receive your first MyDogBox next month – and we promise it will be worth the wait! Delivery time is around 3-5 days. Here you can read about our terms and conditions.

We have extremely high demands on all edible products we choose for the boxes. We would never ship products we would not give our own very spoiled dogs.

We try to avoid products with Glycerin, wheat, gluten, soy, corn and filler-free whenever possible. We strive for single ingredient products.

When it comes to our toys, grooming products and hygiene products, we always try to get these from Nordic suppliers in the first place. But sometimes we include exceptional and safe products that our scouts have found outside of the Nordic countries. So even though it is not often, we sometimes make exceptions. We always make sure that everything included in a MyDogBox is of the highest quality and secured and tested by our own dogs.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer special boxes at this time. Please contact us by email, contact@mydogbox.com with your dog’s needs, but we will try as best we can to meet your dog’s needs. Fortunately, there are plenty of products in each MyDogBox that your dog can enjoy, even if it means that your dog must give away some of the edible goodies to other dog friends! We are always on the lookout for products that can be enjoyed by more sensitive dogs with allergies.

Have you received a defective product? Contact us via email and attach a picture of the product and we will of course send a new one! We want both you and your dog to be happy and satisfied with their MyDogBox and are keen to find a solution with you. Send an email to contact@mydogbox.com

No, we like surprises! But we definitely want to know when your dog has suggestions! Transcribe the requests from your dog and we will consider their ideas for future boxes.

A regular running monthly subscription or a bi-monthly box has no lock-in period. Cancel the subscription before the 15th of the month and the subscription will end.

6- or 12-month subscriptions have a lock-in period as long as stated in the name of the subscription. To terminate these subscriptions, they can be canceled before the 15th month before the last box at the earliest.

Here’s how to cancel your subscription:
Termination is done by logging in to your account, clicking on ‘My Account’ in the left corner, clicking on your subscription and then ‘Unsubscribe’. You can also email us at contact@mydogbox.com and we will help you.

Gifts & Coupons

Of course! It’s the perfect gift for all dog owners! You can select a single box on the homepage or click the single box in the menu. The box is normally sent out on the 5th of each month but if you need it before, contact us at mail contact@mydogbox.com and we will do our best to send it within 3 days.

Single boxes are not renewed automatically.

A MyDogBox is a perfect gift or Christmas gift for anyone who loves their dog! Maybe you have someone in your family, your friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, colleague or why not your neighbor? Give away a subscription or start with a single box.


You can do this by logging in to “My Account”

MyDogBox is a subscription service that automatically renews
and payment is deducted month by month until you choose to end your
subscription. We have no cancellation time for our monthly box or every other
month-box, but in order for the subscription not to be renewed, it must be cancelled no later than the 15th of the month before the next box.

If you have a 6 or 12 month subscription and want to cancel, you have to do this no later than the 15th the month before the last box, otherwise your subscription will be renewed.

You can log in to “My Account” and click on “Subscriptions” to update or cancel your subscription at any time. You can also read more about cancellation and automatic renewal in our terms and conditions.

You can pay by Card (Visa or MasterCard). We use Stripe, which is one of the  largest payment solutions.

You will be charged for the first box after registering for the first time but then on the 1st of each month.

Your subscription will be renewed automatically (if you choose not to cancel before the 15th for monthly subscription or the month before the last renewal for 6 & 12 month subscriptions) and the renewal will be charged to your debit card on the 1st of the month. If you have any problems with your payment please contact us at contact@mydogbox.com

When you place your order for the first time, your account is created automatically.
To log in to your account, click on “My Account”

If this is your first time logging in, you must first create a password. To do this, click on “The first time you log in? / Forgot your password?”
Fill in your email.

You will now receive an email with a link where you can create your password. If you have not received any email within 10 min please check your email spam folder.


We send your MyDogBox on the 5th of each month (if the 5th is a holiday, the box will be sent the following weekday). If you registered before the 15th of the month, you will receive your MyDogBox the same month and the next one will be sent on the 2nd the month after. If you register after the 15th, you will receive your first MyDogBox next month – and we promise it will be worth the wait! Delivery time is around 3-5 days.

We are sorry to hear that your MyDogBox was damaged in the delivery! Contact us at contact@mydogbox.com and send a picture of the products that are damaged and we will send new ones if we have, or we will find a good substitute.

Packages that have not been collected within fourteen (14) days will be returned to MyDogBox. If you want the Box shipped again, it costs SEK 299 in shipping.

Unclaimed packages are not covered by the right of withdrawal.

Yes, you can change your address. You can do this under “My account” and update the information you want to change. NOTE! This must be done before the 15th of the month. For more information email us at contact@mydogbox.com

For dog shelters and non-profit organizations

We are interested in working with any rescue, nonprofit or organization that helps change the lives of dogs in need. If you have an organization to recommend for our support, we are always open to suggestions.